Chim Chim Cher-ee

Recently, my wood stove chimney seems to get choked up. I found it's hard to start a fire, so I decided to clean the chimney.

If I don't clean the wood stove chimney regularly, the air suction will be weak and the combustion will be poor. (It means choking and hard to start a fire.)

It may cause a conflagration and must be cleaned properly.

I clean about three times for a season.

And this time, I invented the chimney cleaning tool to make cleaning easier.


It's a very simple tool. I screwed half-cut log on a stick.

Where I need to clean is the horizontal part of the chimney.

When I looked inside, it was quite stuck.

Cleaning was so easy. Jut pushing the soot out of the chimney.

The new tool did great work that I could finish cleaning much quicker than before.

I should have made this cleaning tool earlier.

Now I can have a comfortable and warm wood-stove life again.