crystal wings on my car

It's been chilly for the past few days.

When I went out of the house in the morning, the windshield of my car was frozen.

It looked a bit different from usual. It might have been caused by the rain the day before. The crystals had a strange pattern, so I couldn't help taking photos.

It's beautiful looking like wings.

I don't like cold weather, but I'm glad it's cold because I could see beautiful crystals.

It's not only the windshield of a car that freezes. The road is also frozen.

On Sunday the 13th, the road was frozen in Keihoku, and there was an accident that a car with normal(summer) tires slipped.

Have you ever slipped on an icy road by cay?

I have once. I could do nothing. And just waited until hit and stop.

At times like this, a second feels like a long time. My mind was white out.

Even if you wear studless tires, you will slip if the road is icy.

I heard that it is better to turn the steering wheel to the right and left if you slip.

When you come to Keihoku, please drive safely using the engine brakes a lot, No sudden steering, sudden turning, nor sudden braking.