This winter is missing something.

I have lived in Keihoku for about 16 years.

And my grandmother grew up in Keihoku.

So she's lived in Keihoku for over 70 years.

And she says, "I never had a winter like this year. It's very strange."

she has been tweeting a lot lately.

What's strange is that "There is no snow.".

She added, "It should be the first time that we have no snow in Keihoku since I was born."

The photo is three years ago in January.

Today it's like this, cars and people are easy to pass by.

It's been very easy for living with no snow.
Don't have to shovel the snow, not too cold.

But grandma says, "If it doesn't snow like this, I'm worried about the rice fields in spring.".


Grandma added, "water shortage".

The mountain is filled with water by the snow in winter, and in spring that will be melt and be the water of the river.

So she is worried that we have enough water that flows into the water channel of the rice field.


I am extremely sensitive to the cold. I mean I don't like cold.
But if I think of nature and satoyama people living, we need snow.

I wish it would snow tonight.