Maintain chainsaw and myself

I feel like New year's holiday was just while ago, but it's already February.

January passed in a flash, with work, events, and family matters.

My wife and children went out today, so I decided to spend my day off alone at home.

I value the time to be alone very much, and I like spending my alone time in a mountain is the best. Even it's my house.

Because I get tired by doing to Kyoto city. It's too stimulation for me. As I'm a countryman I feel good being nature surrounded.

Compared to that, there are no people around the house, it's quiet, green and fresh air. It's so good.

I had a relaxed time in the morning but in the afternoon I decided to do something.

So I decided to maintain the electric chainsaw that had been left with the chain comes off.
I used the chainsaw to cut the firewood, but it didn't cut well, so I left it for a while. Because I could use a circular saw instead. But I need a chainsaw to cut bigger logs.

So, I went to buy a chainsaw oil and a file at a DIY store "Komeri".

I googled how to file chainsaw. And I found out I need a special file to file a chainsaw.

well, I'm not a pro. It would be fine if it's get little sharper.

so I ignored what the professional says and decided to file my way.

This is before.

And this is after.DSC_0552.jpg

Can you tell the difference? The chain is partly shiny, isn't it? That's where I filed.

Chainsaw chains have a lot of kinda small plane blades. And when they wear out, they become dull and sawdust becomes fine.

I checked the chainsaw after the maintenance.


Well, I think it's a little sharper than before.

Good enough for me.

I want a chainsaw with a powerful engine, but I think an electric one is enough for me to just cut firewood at my house.

Cutting wood and chopping wood without thinking is like meditation, and it makes me refresh.

It was a pleasant day when I could maintain my body and mind while maintaining the chain saw.

How do you like living with firewood? The process of making firewood is fun.