My neighbor is red demon

Every year on the night of Setsubun, we have a guest.

("Setsubun" is a holiday to celebrate the coming of spring. We have a tradition of throwing soy beans on setsubun day called "Mame maki" is repsenting getting rid of bad luck and welcoming good luck.As we throw the beans, we say "Oni wa soto, Fuku wa uchi." means "Demons out! Fortune in.")

The guest "Good evening!"

sounded the familiar voice.

When my wife opened the door, and she saw a red demon dressed neighbor.

Wife "Good evening. The kids already have gone to bed... My husband hasn't come home yet."

Red demon "What? Really?"

"Shah" He scared her as every year.

Red demon "Ok, I'll be back next year. see ya!"

And he went back home.

I'll meet you next year, too.

Red demon (Mr. Oshima.) is usually a dog trainer and runs a dog nursery school "green tail" in nature. It was introduced in this Satoyama Chishin before, so please read this as well.
"green tail" makes dogs and you happy

He is unique, it would be fun to see him with your dog!