Finally snowed

When I got up in the morning, there was a snowy landscape outside of my house.

It seems that it snowed many place in Japan last night.

We had about 15 centimeters of snow.

I was worried about the climate change by not to have snowed in this winter. but I felt relieved that it finally snowed.

It is easy to move by a car when there is no snow, but I still worried about the water shortage for rice paddy in spring.

And Hunters seem to be having a hard time this year. Because it's hard to find the footprints of the wild animals, and wild animals can run away quickly with no snow.

Children don't care about my worries they were so excited about the snow.

Before we go out, they played snow.


I should learn "the way to enjoy the present" from children.

The temperature is low, so the road is frozen in the morning. Please be careful when you drive on the snow-covered road.