I've been waiting for this scenery

Finally snowed.

Other staff wrote a blog about "children are happy about snow".

My gramma seems happy too.

She says "I don't like cold. But winter should be cold. If it's winter it should be snowed."

After 2 days after snowing.

雪 つらら.jpgThere was a small icicle on the roof of the garage.

I found a small icicle hanging on my car too.
雪降り 車.jpg

I'm a little excited about a small discovery on a snow day.

Whose footprints are these? They look like deer's footprints? or maybe a raccoon dog or a badger?

The persimmon tree in my house looks stylish when covered with snow.

The morning of this day was a beautiful frozen road.

There is a slope under the persimmon tree, and actually after taking this picture, It was so slippy! and I slipped and fell (laughs).

Whether I slipped and fell and it's so cold as a freezer,

I thought deeply that the snowy scenery of Keihoku is so beautiful.

雪景色 中江橋.jpg