My hobby is circular lifestyle?

My toilet is a pit type with a simple flush system.

The toilet is not connected to the tap water, so I put a bucket under a nearby gutter and store water there to use in the toilet.

As a result, the toilet is completely self-sufficient in water.
It is convenient because I can use it as usual at the time of a disaster whether the water supply is stopped or the power is off.

It's just keeping rainwater, but in a cool way, it's a very simple off-grid system.


The iron bucket on the left in the picture got rusty and got many holes after using 3 years.

I should use tools properly to use things for a long time. I learned that iron is easy to rust when it is touching with water.
I think I could have used it for 10 years if I dried it properly.

I switched iron bucket to a plastic bucket and now I can keep water.

The plastic bucket is a reused container that contained diatomaceous earth for wall I DIYed.

Recently, plastics have been having bad reputations. Marine plastic pollution and etc. Yes, it's a serious problem, but I think plastic is excellent material.

I think it is a very convenient product that is light, strong, can be any shapes and cheap to manufacture.

However, it is a pity that it is often used as disposable because the manufacturing cost is low.

I didn't get this plastic bucket on purpose it was just a container of diatomaceous earth, but I'd like to make it look a little cooler and use it with care.

And the rusty iron bucket has a cool rusty taste, so I will use it as a pot.

Everyone has too many things. AndKonMari discarding is so popular nowadays.

I don't like throwing things away. So that's why I try not to buy unnecessary things as much as I can.

Then, before disposing of the broken things, repair it, and if it is impossible, think about a new way to use.

It's fun to come up with alternative ideas and try them out.

I got off track from the use of rainwater.

But now I realized that my hobby is to effectively circulate the resources.

Of course, I throw away things if I really don't need them. Otherwise, my house will be a garbage mansion so ...

What do you think of a circular lifestyle? It's fun and eco-friendly.