Outside play house

It's still cold in the morning and evening, but it's warm during the day when the sun is out.

When we have a sunny day, we have meal outside and enjoy the sun that we missed during winter.

After a meal, I was sitting in the sun, and my daughter asked me,

"Hey, dad! I opened a sushi restaurant, come to my shop!"

I was half forced to visit her restaurant.

My Daughter "Thank you for coming. What would you like sir?"
When I visit the restaurant, I found many unknown sushi.

Me "What do you have?"

Daughter "I don't know."

Me "What? You don't know!? But The owner bought them and cut them. No?"

Daughter " Yes, that's right. Just a moment... these are tuna. And these are sauries. these are....."

The owner put the name of the fish for sushi whatever she could think of and she served it on a plate.

Me "Thank you. Ohh it's delicious! Thank you for the meal."

I think playing house is very good for education.

Children will have a lot of imagination to set up playing house rules by themselves. I think playing house in the outside is even better. Because they should find something to play with, that use more imagination.

They can also improve their communication skills through conversation and their vocabulary because they use words they don't usually use.

And I think we can build a relationship of mutual trust between parents and children by playing on rules set by children.

It's more fun if I play house with my child's mind.

I think we can learn the sence of children who enjoy everything.

Why don't you play house and try to improve sence of wonder like a children?

It may help to solve your troubles in your daily life.