Make a plum vinegar spray for cold prevention

Coronavirus shock is spreading all over Japan.

So I checked how to prevent form coronavirus natural way.

There are many ways you can find it on the internet.

I tried one method that's a plum vinegar spray.DSC_1097.jpg
You can get plum vinegar by making plum pickles.

I made plum pickles 4 years ago and I still had some plum vinegar from that.

So I put some plum vinegar into a spray bottle. It's done.

Then just spray it into your mouth. It's sour and delicious.

It is delicious and healthy, so you can continue using it with no difficulty.

It worked me my sore throat. It has a bactericidal effect and prevents cold.

Plum vinegar spray can be used to disinfect cutting boards and other kitchen items.

I'm the type of person who gets a sore throat as soon as I go downtown, but I appreciate the life in Keihoku at this time of year.

Let's take Corona Shock as an opportunity to get a healthier body with good habits such as good sleep, good diets, and exercise.