Our plum starts blooming

When I woke up this morning,

My wife said to me "Morning! Our plum blooming! Have a look!"

Me "Yes!? They are still buds yesterday."

I was doubting about it but I went to have a look at the plum.

Me "Hey, They are not blooming!"

My wife"Non-Non, they are blooming look here and there!"

I had a look at the plum closely and I found a few blossoms blooming.


Me"OK you are right. They are blooming but only three of them thought. I think when someone says 'It's blooming' means more blooming than this much. This is not bloomed yet in my standard."

Wife "Oh come on! We can feel the fresh spring energy from plants like seeing the buds start blooming. That how I enjoy!"

Me "I see, that's good thinking."

We all have different ways of thinking.
In this situation, I think my wife's way of thinking is happier.

It is like a glass-half-full person and a glass-half-empty person.

I think negative thinking is important for risk aversion.
But it's really nice to have a positive perspective. I should learn how to find small happiness and enjoy it from my wife.

Me and my wife have totally different way of thinking. So the conversation with my wife is a really good lesson for me every time.

So our plum starts blooming!!