The light up for gratitude of school history

I found a huge mysterious glittering object in the distance.
Keihoku's night gets really dark with no neon so that was really standing out.
I went to have a look at it.

The huge mysterious glittering object was illuminated fir tree in Keihoku third elementary school.
DSC_1116.jpgGigant cedar tree about 450 years old was lit up too.

From this April Keihoku's three elementary school and junior high school will get close. And we will have a new school combining those four schools.

The illumination was done by locals to show their gratitude to the school that had continued for 148 years.

The illumination goes until the 29th of March.

Thatched house and illumination.

I thought "Carry on the traditions and try new things" by Looking at it by this angle.

That maybe Keihoku people's stance.