Before start farming

Keihoku's population is about 4,500 and it's getting less every year. But the population of deer is about 8,000 and it's getting bigger.

I grow vegetables every year after I moved to Keihoku, and my veggie garden gets invaded by wild animals every year.
Especially my house is in deep the mountain. I live in wild animals' paradise. My neighbors are deer, wild boars, raccoon dogs, badger, I want to ask them to share something with me.

This year no more sharing my veggie with my wild neighbors.

So I decided to set up an extra layer net for my garden.


DSC_2076.jpgWoking silently alone. My back seems lonely. But I enjoy and love this alone time thinking something or listening audible.

Net setting up is done. Yey!

Now I'm free to grow veggies!

Dear wild neighbors,
Please do not take my vegetables. Thank you!