Dreaming a great yield of potato

The other day I finished setting up the animal net for my farm.

So I decided to plant potatoes to start with.

It may be a little bit too early to plant potatoes in a cold region like Keihoku. Potatoes are planted in April in Keihoku.
But it getting warmer day by day. So it should be alright.

Last year my potatoes are eaten by wild boars.
So this year I plant them a new way.

This is my image of a potato planting. Sorry for my poor drawing.

When potatoes will need to get earthing up, I put a new layer of a wooden box and make a potato plant tower.

And I will stand a pole up around the tower.
Then it should be OK even if wild boar invade to my farm. I hope.

This might be easy to manage weeding and harvest potatoes.

And I'm dreaming of a good harvest within a small space.

Today I make a first layer box of the tower using construction waste.




It took me 3 mins. Huh.

Potatoes are easy to grow, please try growing them.
You don't have to make the tower like I'm planing, you can just use a planter or hemp bag to grow them in a small space.

Be a potato millionaire!

Please check the next article about planting potatoes.