Dreaming a great yield of potato part2

I brought a wooden box I made(check the previous blog) to my farm to plant potatoes.

I cultivated a little bit of my farm where was abandoned since dear invade last year.

This farm used to be a rice field so the soil is clayey.

I put some dry cedar leaves to make it better drain.

Farm vegetables don't like clayey soil, so
it's good to add river sand and organic matters to change the soil suite for growing vegetables.

Organic matter will get decomposed and become good soil.


I bought 4 kinds of seed potatoes at a DIY shop.

Cut bigger potatoes before planting.

Put ash on the surface of the potato to protect potato from the virus.

You don't have to cut potatoes though, they will grow with no cutting.

But by cutting them you can get more seed potatoes.

Actually you don't have to buy seed potatoes, you can just plant shooted potatoes from the kitchen. Many kinds of potatoes can grow that way.


My assistant helped me plant.

The assistant looks happy by finding a beetle larva.


My image of the potato planter tower can get a great harvest. (I hope)

I found out that I didn't need a wooden box yet.

I might use this box to make a small greenhouse that might help grow potatoes quicker.

Growing own vegetable is fun, I can try many things. My farm is like an experimental field.

And I think farming is good for child education, playing on the farm and growing vegetables rather than staying at home watching youtube videos.

My children see me struggling to grow vegetables that might make them think "Growing vegetables is not super easy, we should eat vegetables with no waste.". That my food education.

Let's grow vegetables and the family together!