Our oasis

What we are not satisfied with in country lives are that there are not many restaurants or bars where you can drink at night.

In the first place, if you drink you cannot go back home, because you need to drive to go anywhere.


Even though we live in a countryside, we sometimes need to drink, too!

So for us, Syu's Bar is exactly the oasis.

And Syuko san, the owner of the bar, who drive us to our each house after we drink, is the goddess.


For 500 yen, you can choose 3 kinds of delicious foods which our goddess makes.

Beer, local sake and all other drink are also 500 yen for one glass.

The oasis in Keihoku is gentle and tender for everybody.

It is open 3 days a week, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday.


And yes!

It's Friday, today;)