Keihoku mobile supermarket

One day just after I moved to Keihoku. I saw a bus was parked on the street with a music playing so loudly that surprised me.

It was totally standing out in the quiet countryside.

I wondered what was going on, and I was watching the bus. Then I saw some of my neighbor grandmas went into the bus and came out with shopping bags.


Uh-huh I see, that bus is a mobile supermarket.


It sells all kinds of food such as vegetables and fish, meat, bread, snacks and so on.

Apparently it's very handy, especially for elderly people who don't drive.

The other day, I saw the bus and went to shop with my daughter and her friend.

Hey long time no see! You have grown a lot.」the mobile supermarket uncle said to my daughter.

It's very nice to hear that. He seems like knowing every customer and looking after how are doing.

I think it's great to have a mobile supermarket in a countryside that keeps Keihoku community safer and warmer.