Sake tasting experience

We have a local sake brewery in Keihoku called "Haneda syuzou " which established hundred twenty years ago.

Haneda brewery use traditional method to brew sake, using under ground water from mountain around and locally grown sake rice.

It's very important to have a cold weather to have slow fermentation to brew good sake.

The brewery has many variety of sake and my favorite sake is called "Hatsuhinode".
I love the taste also the meaning of the name.
"Hatsuhinode" means the sunrise on New Year's Day.
So every year l drink it on New Year's Day.

You can taste many varieties of sake for 500 yen in there.
While tasting, Ms. Haneda tells you about how they make sake. Then you can more enjoy the tasting and you will be a sake meister after joining the tasting.
And off couse you can buy a sake there.

Why don't you visit Haneda brewery and taste sake if come to Keihoku?

It only takes 4 minutes from Shuzan bus terminal.

We also visit Haneda brewery in Satoyama cycling tour.
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