Yomogi(mugwort) mochi

Do you know herb called mugwort (Yomogi in Japansese)?

We harvest mugwort new leaves by hand in spring time. And make a Yomogi mochi.


Mugwort have very good flavor and taste.

It's good for health as well.


You can buy grandmas' handmade yomogi mochi at Keihoku Yamaguni Sakigake center.


Plese visit Keihoku to taste the spring!

Keihoku Yamaguni Sakigake center

〒 601-0321
32 Miyanomae Tocho, Keihoku, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto City
TEL (075) 853-0572
Access:1 minute walk from the bus stop "in front of Yamakuni Clinic"by Keihoku Furusato Bus.

Please check the Have an old cherry tree in Satoyama all to yourself to get to know good cherryblossoms viewing spots and restrant infomations in Keihoku.