Keihoku Sunday morning market

If you want to buy fresh vegitable why not come to Keihoku Sunday mornig farmers market.

You can buy fresh vegetable from local farmers.
So I went to there last sunday.

On the day the storefronts were lined with rape blossoms and plums blossoms, rice, rice cake, and late winter vegetables. "Now, it is time to plant summer vegetable, and winter vegetables are over soon." a farmer told me.

I bought these vegetables and cooked stir fry with squid. It was beautiful.

Morning farmars market

Date and time: Every Sunday 9:00 to 11:00 Location:1 Kamiterada, Shuzancho, Keihoku, Ukyo-Ku, Kyoto-City Postcode 601-0251
(Next to Kyoto city Keihoku office)
1 minute walk from JR West bus stop "Keihoku Godochosha mae"

(90mins bus ride from JR Kyoto station)