Rough kobo cafe & Gallery 360

Don't you wanna forget about busy city life and refresh in a quiet place?

If your answer is "Yes"

There is a magical cafe in Keihoku.


"Rough kobo cafe & gallery 360"

The cafe gallery is surrounded by nature and its atmosphere is very relaxing and a bit luxury.

The owner Mr. Mimura is specialized in woodworking and Ms. Mimura is specialized in Natural plant dyeing.
In the gallery, you can have a look their handmade wonderful works such as wooden furniture, small wooden works, natural dyeing clothings, other local artisan's works, and antiques, etc.


And of course, you can have coffee there in the cafe with great interior and cool garden.

A visitor from NY said.
"If we have this cafe in NY, it gets so popular and needed to book 2 months in advance to have lunch."

Better to visit there on a weekday it's quieter.


They have spring gallery exhibition from April 6th to May 6th.
You can order a special meal(1300JPY) or hot sand(1000JPY) and cafe drinks.

Why don't you come and relax in Keihoku?


Rough kobo cafe&Gallery360

Postal code 601-0276
5-1 Shimosakoda, Nishi-cho, Keihoku, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto-shi