Log cabin cafe 「KAMONOSE CABIN」

Go north on Route 162 and along the road in the mountains through the Keihoku, there is the log house cafe "KAMONOSE CABIN" since 1982.

The wild vegetables set you can eat in there is really delicious. (1,500 yen)

Each dish has a dish made with wild vegetables.

Details below. (From the upper right)
Shoot of sansho mountain pepper
Fuki miso (using white miso)
Sansho mountain pepper and small fish
Bamboo shoots, butterbur, sansho mountain pepper
Kelp and sansho mountain pepper
Pickled myoga (Japanese ginger)

Each dish is carefully made, and all are excellent.

The cafe's master goes to the nearby mountains to pick wild vegetables in the springtime. He just returned from the mountain when I visit there.

There is also a tempura set of wild vegetables you can order.


They have an old-fashioned curry as well. (800 yen)

There are three sizes: small, middle and large. I asked for the middle size, it was quite large, but I could eat it easily.

Of course, they have coffee.

It is a super light coffee that can taste sweetness more and has almost no bitter taste.

This coffee is recommended for those who are not good at drinking bitter coffee.

(Master doesn't like bitter coffee so much.)

Also, they sell chiffon cakes and cookies.

Mr. Omae, the master of the cafe, is a very unique and very punchy person.

I like the master tells his opinion straight to the customers.

Most of the customers of the cafe are regulars from Kyoto city and Osaka.

Mr. Omae told me, "Many customers do not come again or become regulars."

Maybe you can imagine how he is.

On the day when I visit there, a few regulars were in the cafe.
And one of the customers was talking about her life problem and the master was giving her advice.

By looking at their conversation, I thought there is like a parent-child bond between the master and the customer.
(It could be stronger than a real family bond )

It seems that regulars are coming to consult about life with the master that it is difficult to consult with their real parents.

There is a gentle community between cafes and regulars, and the atmosphere was so pleasant, they are very welcoming and friendly to new faces (my family).

KAMONOSE CABIN must be the third place for regulars.

And I think this kind of cafe is being sought because nuclear families and individualism are increasing in modern society.

The master says " There were a lot of cafes that were a similar atmosphere as ours in the 60s to the 80s. Regulars stay at cafes for a long time and having love consultation to life consultation. Cafes were that kind of space."

Do you have your own third place?

If not, then KAMONOSE CABIN could be your third place.

Aside from that, why don't you come and try the mountain vegetable set meal?

To taste the spring and looking cherry blossoms.

*If you want to have the mountain vegetable set or mountain vegetable tempura set, better book before you go. Because it takes a bit while to serve.

White and black cats are waiting for you too.


Kamonose cabin

address: 6-1 Kamonose, Kamiyuge-cho, Keihoku, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto
Business hours: 8:00 to 18:00 on weekdays
7:30 to 19:00 on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays
Close: Thursday · Friday (open on holidays)


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