Keihoku's Bakeries - part 1 "Tanaka Mise"

Everyone, do you like bread?

Kyoto city is ranked 2nd in the ranking of bread consumption in Japan.

So there are numbers of bakeries in Kyoto that 2nd most many in Japan.

I'm from Kyoto so I love breads.

Of course there are delicious bakeries in Keihoku, too! (Keihoku is in Kyoto city)

I would like to introduce "Tanaka Mise" today.


Ms. Tanaka has started the bakery 13 years ago.

She says "I make breads for everyone's daily use. They are not for the special occasions, for the everyday life. "

She showed me how she makes her breads.

Did you know that you can hear the sound from freshly baked bread?
I could hear the sounds of the French bread just got out from the oven.
Smalls soo good!!

Tanaka Mise does not have a thier shop, you can buy their breads in supermarket "Sandaiko" , "Woody Keihoku" and "Sakigake center" only.

They change bread menu sometimes.

They have standard breads menu, baker's special menu and seasonal menu. I always look forward to try new breads.


Recent my favorite bread is maple walnut whip cream.


I love this sweet flavor of maple and the crunchiness of walnuts.
It's the best much.

I buy this bread every time when I see it in the shop.

Try Tanaka Mise bread when you come to Keihoku.


Tanaka Mise