"green tail" makes dogs and you happy

Do you have a dog?

If you have one,

Imagine your dog is playing freely in nature.

Didn't you get smiled just now?

Actually, there's a place where dogs can do so in Keihoku.

This time, I would like to introduce you "green tail".

Green tail is a dog hotel and nursery in the nature of Keihoku.
The dogs can learn how to communicate with each other and learn how to discipline while playing in a dog run or in nature.

Exercise (playing) and training are done according to your dog's personality, breed, and age, so you don't have to worry.

Dogs can enjoy the nature of Keihoku.

Mr. Oshima(from green tail) takes dogs to the river in this season.

(The pictures are taken by green tail Mr.Oshima.)

Dogs can play with snow in winter and fully enjoy nature.

If you want use the service, they will pick your dog up and drop you off at your house, so it's easy.

Green tail is perfect for people like these below.

"I want my dog to play in nature or in large places."
"I want to develop my dog's socialization (to be friendly with other dogs, etc.) or the ability of puppies."
"I want my dog to play with other dogs."
"He or she is easy to fight with other dogs."
"I'm busy and do not exercise dogs often."
"My dog has too much energy."
"I want to relax for a day."
"I have to go somewhere."
and so on.

If you think any of them, green tail can help you.

Mr. Oshima is friendly and easy to talk to, so please feel free to contact him.

"Green tail is a place to maximize the happiness of dogs and humans."
Mr. Oshima said.

On weekends, dogs and owners come to the green tail to play at dog runs, do BBQ and interact with Oshima and other owners.

Actually, Mr. Oshima is a photographer specialized in dogs and he takes great pictures of dogs.
You can see a picture of Mr. Oshima on Instagram.

We have a service that you can buy Mr. Oshima's original poems and pictures by listening to dogs or your story with your dog.
Mr. Oshima is an interesting person who tries many things.

If you have a problem with your dog, why don't you ask green tail?
Dog village green tail
5 Hirono, Uno-cho, Keihoku, Ukyo Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto 601 0275, Japan
Tel: 075-852-1535
Mobile: 090-6732-4167
Face book:
Yama-asobi (nursery school)-
Small Dog 4,200 yen (the 2nd dog: 3,500 yen) Large Dog 4,500 yen (the 2nd dog: 3,800 yen)
Pick up is from 7 AM to 9 o'clock and drop of after 5 PM.

1 night 2 days 6,000 yen (7,000 yen for the first time only) ※ 1 week or more with long-term discount
We will pick you up from 7 AM to 9 o'clock and send you off until 10 AM.
*The afternoon delivery is 3,000 yen more.
*For those who live far away, please consult with us at (city).

-Private at-home discipline lesson-
4,000 yen for 1 time

-chartered the dog run-
Reservation required. Please call us.

Various Events
※ Each season events are announced on the website/Facebook.