Keihoku special soft serve

It gets humid in the rainy season.

When I was walking on the street in the downtown in Keihoku.

I heard local grandmas are chatting.

Grandma A
"It's humid today. I want to have ice cream or something."

Grandma B
"Yes, it's a good idea!"

I was going to be a grandma C and join their chat saying "Yes, I want to eat them too!!".
But I didn't talk to them.

The chat made me want to have something cold and sweet.

So I went to Woody Keihoku to get local special soft serve.

They have many varieties for flavors such as miso and Kyo-tona(Kyoto local leaf vegetable), pumpkin, azuki red bean, sake-kasu, Kuromoji (special aroma Tree), melon.

Soft serves are used local ingredients for flavor like a vegetable.

I chose Kyo-tona(Kyoto local leaf vegetable) taste.

I thought it tastes "kind green" but it was pretty good.

It's sweet and refreshing.

I had the soft serve in a resting room with a bear in Woody Keihoku.

It's nice to try the unique taste soft serve.

Why don't you try them at Woody Keihoku opens at 10 am - 6 pm.
Soft serves serving until 5 pm.