Japanese new summer sweets "kuzu ice pop"

It's getting cooler but it's still hot.

So Let me introduce "kuzu ice pop" form Kameya Hirokiyo cake shop.

(Kuzu is arrowroot)

Kuzu is used for Kuzu-mochi and Kuzuyu(Hot drink).

This unique Kuzu popsicle which doesn't melt and fall.

But why it doesn't melt!?

Because it's made of Kuzu (arrowroot).

This time I bought blueberry taste and sweet potato taste.

Blueberry one is used Keihoku local blueberry.


I had a "sweet potato taste".

It was very yummy. It got the gentle sweetness of sweet potatoes and jiggly and chewy texture.

My colleague had a blueberry one.

He said

"So good! This texture of frozen blueberry and chewy texture is a very good combination."

There is soda taste too.

Please try the Japanese new ice pop.