Get a energy from black garlic

Winter is getting closer day by day.

I often get sick at the turn of the season.

How do you overcome the temperature difference in this season and the busy time of December?

I always take care of my meals, but I get sick sometimes.

Then I ask myself,
"HUH? did I catch a little cold?? What should I do?"

My heart would answer me "Yo mate, you should get your hero. Before you get real sick. "

Me"My hero??"

My heart "Yes, your black hero."


My black hero is black garlic "Kuromaro".


The inside looks like this. It's completely black.

Black garlic is fermented garlic and has several times more nutrients than garlic.

It got a very unique taste.
"Wow! This taste is definitely good for my body!"
You would think so if you try.

It tastes like fruity miso which has fermented for a long time with a unique sweetness.

Is it a little hard to imagine?

It's tasty for me anyway.

The smell is different from garlic and it has a unique fermented smell.

Some people like it but for some people not. It really depends on your taste. Even for someone don't like garlic, they may be okay with it.

I like it very much and my daughter likes it very much too.

I heard Michelin French restaurant serve this kinda black garlic.

It could be a good combi with wine.

You can buy them at Woody Keihoku, three-piece of black garlic for 1000 yen (Tax included).

I'm not sure that three for 1000 yen is expensive or reasonable. But for me, it's a good price because I buy them instead of buying medicines or energy drinks.

How about taking "Black garlic" as your household medicine?

I highly recommend it.

I can overcome this winter with black garlic!