Imagine the Shogun Mitsuhide by eating sweets

I have written a story in an earlier blog post about a temple in Keihoku associated with Akechi Mitsuhide a famous samurai general 1528-1582.

The next NHK Taiga drama is a story about Akechi Mitsuhide.
So now people are spotlighting about Akechi Mitsuhide.

I heard a story of Mitsuhide after moved Keihoku that was very different from what I have learned at school and that surprised me.

I when to Kameya Hirokiyo the sweet shop to buy some sweets for a meeting.

And I found some sweets associated with Mitsuhide there!


In Keihoku, there is a ruin of Shuzan castle which is said to have been built by Mitsuhide.

亀屋 城山.JPG

One more sweet associated with the castle, and the sweet called "Shiroyama"

The package is designed with a song that is said to have been written about the ruins of the castle in the Meiji era.

Actually, the owener of the sweet shop is a member of ruins of Shuzan Castle protecting group.

Since the main character of the drama was chosen, some people traveled from Tokyo to Keihoku to see the ruin. And some people visit to the sweet shop.

The castle remains untouched which is very rare for Mitsuhide, this is the only one left.

And one more sweet. A sweet associated with buried gold.


The story of Shogun Tokugawa buried gold is famous, but there is a legend of buried gold in Mitsuhide too.

There used to be a team of researchers who were really exploring it.

It's a legend, but it's full of romance.


The buried gold sweets is a mixture of Japanese and Western style cookies with chocolate taste which you can enjoy the texture of the monaka skin(Traditional sweet).

It's about time I reached the limit of my patience.

What am I talking about?

Actually, I'm writing a blog, so I have not eaten them yet.

Thinking of Mitsuhide and Itadakimasu!