Year-end party at MAMA'S AND PAPA'S

We went to MAMA'S AND PAPA'S near the office to have a company's year-end party.

This restaurant is run by a gentleman who loves music, and it is comfortable for me with the Beatles and other 60's and 70's rock music for background music.

MAMA'S AND PAPA'S is Okonomiyaki restaurant, and you can eat hot food on an iron plate.

The price setting is very reasonable, and it's just 500 yen for a Okonomiyaki.

It's a special price.

And, it's delicious.

There are many izakaya menus besides okonomiyaki too.

I asked the master about the management and sales because I was wonder about the secret of the price.

Me "Hi Master, Is your shop doing OK selling okonomiyaki at this price?"

Master "I can't save money but it's fun to run this restaurant. Recently, customers make a team of darts, and they come and play at my shop every week. Keihoku doesn't have many places where young people can gather, does it? That's why I want to provide a place for young people where they can gather and have fun."

I admire you, master! You have a great spirit!

Master is right. There are not many shops that are open until late at night in Keihoku. So I really appreciate the master opens shop until late.

In addition, there is a private karaoke room as well.

We rented a karaoke room for the party.

And my family also joined and enjoyed the party of the company.


Thank you, Master.

Those who love music or karaoke, or Okonomiyaki, or talking with the master,

How about MAMA'S AND PAPA'S?

I recommend this place!

Address: 2 Kawabata, Shuzan-cho, Keihoku, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto City
Phone: 075-852-0951
Opening hours: 16: 00 -24: 00
Closed: Tuesdays