A little different service station "Keihoku oil"

It's been very warm this winter.

It hasn't much snowed in Keihoku yet.

Usually, we have snow in early December, so I change tires from summer to winter tires before that, but I missed the timing and finally changed tires yesterday.

It never happened after I moved Keihoku.

Global warming seems clearly progressing.

I usually change tires by myself, but I had no time, and my mind was a bit too busy to DIY.

I went to Keihoku oil the service station to change the tires.


I went there at the last minute in the evening without booking for tire change, but they are kindly accepted my request.

Owner Mr. Uemura "It is cold waiting outside, so please relax in the break area."

When I entered the break area, I found the guitars are hanging on the wall. It feels more like being an owner's hobby room than a break area.

I heard that they have a music session with their friends sometimes after closing the shop.

I want to join the session sometimes.

This is a hunting jacket hanging in the room.

Mr. Uemura runs a gas station, and he does farming in summer and hunting deer and wild boar in winter.

He and his friend are thinking to make a small official slaughterhouse for themselves this spring.

Mr. Uemura said, "my friends of restaurants' owners asked me to sell venison for them, so I decided to build a slaughterhouse. I think it is the role of a hunter to thank the life of animals and take their meat as much as possible."

I think his idea and style are cool.
Enjoying life in nature while doing proper business. It's a very good balance.

I think this is KEIHOKU Style.

Large companies have started to lift the ban on side jobs. Don't you think the way of his work style cool!?

Why don't you do farming and hunting on your side business?

When you come to Keihoku, it might be interesting to ask Mr. Uemura about hunting while refueling.

When I was chatting with Ms. Uemura, while tires are getting changed. It was finished very quickly. I expected it takes longer.
OK, you are professional! Incomparable with my work.

I always change it while I'm freezing, so I appreciate that.

Refilled up the tank, replaced the tires, talked with Mr. and Mrs. Uemura, and my heart filled up.

Thank you very much.

Keihoku oil(servise station)
1 Shimokawara, Shimonaka-cho Keihoku, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto