Make it as your place "Malieu"

I'd like to introduce a patisserie and cafe "MaLieu" just opened this month.


The owner, Natsumi Katsuyama, graduated from a confectionery school.

She was trained to make cakes in the manufacturing department of Marblanche. (Famous cake shop in Kyoto.)


Malieu sells cakes and baked sweets and has a cafe.

You can choose your favorite cake or drink. I asked Ms. Katsuyama "what would you recommend!?"

"I recommend cream Cookie puff, and Mont Blanc is the best among cakes."

"Ok" I decided to have Mont Blanc.

And she said, "It's the least sweet cake in this window case. It's not too sweet, and the taste of chestnuts spreads gently in your mouth."

She used to be a Mont Blanc chef at another cake shop.

The chestnut cream on the sponge is very fine and beautiful.

It has homemade simmered chestnut inside.

(But the homemade version is only available in limited quantities for this season.)

You can enjoy the original taste of chestnuts to the end.


I chose a cafe latte for the drink. It comes with cute latte art.

It was so cute that I hesitated to drink it.



The name "Malieu" means "My place." in French.

Why don't you come to Malieu to find your place?

It will surely be the place of "My favorite."!

Patisserie & Cafe Malieu

601 - 0251

21 -3 Nishichoda, Keihoku-Shuzan-cho, Ukyo Ward, Kyoto City

(1 minute walk south from JR Bus Shuzan bus stop)

OPEN ... Fri, Sat, Sunday Weekends 3 days 11: 00 ~ 19: 00

(Cafe last order is at 18: 00.)

*Please check at the store or on Instagram if you would like to close temporarily or change the business day.

TEL: 080-6212-0549


instagram: @