Kyoto Pref. public facility "AWL Keihoku"

If you are looking for a place in nature for a company training camp or a university seminar camp or friend group such as trekking, cycling etc.

With a small budget.

For those who have such a request, there is suitable accommodation.

It is "AWL Keihoku (Kyoto Seminar House)".

(Mr. Kishimoto, Chairman of AWL Keihoku at the reception desk)

First of all, the accommodation fee is super reasonable.

For an adult costs 2,750 yen per person!

1,800 yen for college students, 1,500 yen for high school students, and 1,000 yen for elementary and junior school students.

(Extra 200 yen for the Kyoto City lodging tax.)

It is a public accommodation, that's why this price can be offered.

In addition, the rooms are renovated and it was very clean.

In the woods behind the main building, cottage-like units (Each can accommodate 2, 7, and 9 people.) of various sizes are scattered. There are also single and twin rooms in the main building.

They also have seminar rooms that can be used for various training. Those can accommodate 20 people (3 rooms), 40 people, 64 people, and 200 people.
(This is the largest seminar room that can accommodate 200 people.)

There are also Japanese-style rooms.


There are a lot of meals. I recommend BBQ in summer and hot pot in winter.
Guests look happy! Don't they?

There is also a large public bath.


AWL no harappa(event space) holds various events such as lumberjack championship, Tsukuru Mori and Keihoku Trail Running Competition.

You can do anything.

In addition, they give free transportation service from Nijo station for groups who eat in the facility.
Of course, they can pick up and drop off from the bus terminal in Keihoku for free.

When you come to Keihoku with many friends, why don't you stay at AWL Keihoku?

Please contact them in detail below.

AWL Keihoku (Kyoto Seminar House)
2 Toridanishimonaka-cho, Keihoku, Ukyo Ward, Kyoto City