Season of rice field

The rice fields are filled with water, and you can hear the chorus of frogs from there from the end of April. Many farmers were planting rice in Golden Week.

Most farmers use rice planters to plant rice seedlings in modern times.

Rice planters are a bit like Gundam and they look cool.
Their speed of planting is incredible.

They have 6 to 8 hands on the back, and they will plant rice seedlings one after another in a row.

Maybe about 100 times faster than manpower.

And their work is neat and tidy.

If there is no rice planter from this world, rice would be super expensive and we might have rice riots.

Oh, thanks to the great invention.

Personally, I like the traditional farming method of hand planting and hand harvesting as a picture, but I don't want to have rice riots for that.

I have tried to grow rice by hand planting and harvesting rice with my friends before.
It was tough. It took me more times and efforts than I had imagined doing so.

If you think about cost-effectiveness, better not try growing rice by hand, just buy it.

But making rice was fun and the joy of harvesting was fantastic.

When I was taking a walk, I saw an uncle rice farmer doing something, and I talked to him.


This is quite sudden, but

Satoyama quiz! !

Q. What exactly is he doing?

1.Treasure hunting

2. Preparing to set up a net for deer to not come in the field.

3. killing insects that eat rice.

4. Blocking holes made by moles.

Uncle is checking something near the water exit.

The answer is below the picture.
The answer was "4.Blocking holes made by moles.".

The reason why he is blocking the hole is to keep the water in the rice field.

If there is a hole in the rice field you need to open the gate of water channel all the time. By doing so the water temperature gets lower and that's not good for growing rice.

Because rice is originally from the tropics, so they like warmer temperature.
Also, if the water is drained from the field, weeds will grow.

To make delicious rice, it's very good to have a big temperature gap between daytime and nighttime.

Rice store starches (deliciousness)by photosynthesis in daytimes and rice consume their starch when the night temperature is high.

Keihoku rice is delicious.

We have a big temperature gap and have beautiful mountain water.
You can understand this if you try Keihoku rice.

So you can buy this rice at farmer's market Woody Keihoku, so give it a try.