New style of traditional wood work "MURAYAMA MOKKO"

The other day, I went to see a Sashimonoshi(Traditional cabinetmaker) Mr. Shinichi Murayama.

He makes beautiful woodworks without nails.

And His company "MURAYAMA MOKKO" makes huge interior using 3D Kumiko Zaiku technique(Kumiko Zaiku is like a wooden super fine muntin).

This technique has been used in Japanese architecture only.

But Murayama Mokko uses this technique for western hotel and chapel and makes a beautiful decoration like huge wooden artwork.

So cool.

For the big work, they use a few hundred thousand parts to build it by using hand one by one.


This work above photo becomes photo below.



An artisan using a thread saw.

The photo below is a wooden lamp used thread sawed parts.



It takes enormous time to make these 3D great works.

Not many artisans can make these.

Mr. Murayama says "Designers ask me tall orders that other artisans would refuse. But I would take any difficult orders. I love challenging, it's fun. And That is the chance for us to show our skills. "

I think Murayama Mokko is our hope to pass our tradition wood work to the next generations.

From small things to huge things any Kumiko woodwork you can ask them to make it.

Check their website to see more works.

20 Kamenoko, Higae-cho, Keihoku, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto-shi