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In a cool Japanese dress a day off for adults to go out gracefully

Kyoto, a town that suits Japanese clothes

Kyoto, an ancient city dotted with temples and shrines. Although it has a modern aspect, it goes well with the streets of Kyoto with a nostalgic atmosphere. However, when I live in Kyoto, I go around temples and shrines in Japanese clothes! There is no such opportunity. This time, I decided to go on a long-awaited trip to Kyoto with my friends.

I want to take a walk in Kyoto with an adult yukata.


Speaking of summer kimono, it is easy for even beginners to try out rental yukata. In recent years, there have been a lot of rental shops here and there, mainly in tourist spots, but there are so many that I don't know which one to choose... At that time, a friend of mine who knows Japanese clothing recommended me to go to "Curun." on Higashioji-dori Street. It is also close to Kiyomizudera Temple, Yasaka Koshindo (Kongo-ji Temple) and Yasaka Pagoda (Hokan-ji Temple), making it easy to access to Kawaramachi and Gion.

Adult cute yukata lined up.


Once you enter the store, you will feel excited about the variety and cuteness of yukata. Retro modern, cute, mature, etc. There are over 140 different patterns. It is a rental kimono shop run by a kimono maker, so its quality is also certified. You can find stylish accessories such as obi, basket bag, and shoes.

How do I rent?


The basic process of renting a yukata is to decide on a plan, choose a yukata, and have the customer dress and set their hair. In your case, you choose your favorite plan from 4 patterns when you come to the store. You can make a reservation in advance from the website, but the yukata you can select and the accessories that come with it change depending on the plan, so you should consult with the staff and choose the plan. Depending on the restaurant, you may need to make a reservation or get a discount, so I recommend you to do a research in advance.

Transform yourself with dressing and hair set.


This time we selected the most popular 4,800 yen plan. You can wear it quickly, and the dressing was completed in no time. Even with an optional hair set, it takes about 30 minutes. There are many professional Kitsuke who have a normal license, so I didn't care about it coming off for a long time.

Walk around Ninei-zaka and Sannei-zaka.


Take a rest in the shade of the tree.


I'm kind of thirsty, my two friends. I'll stop and have a lemonade in front of the store. The sourness and coldness of lemon penetrated my body. Some people may think, "Yukata looks hot!" but the sun doesn't directly hit the skin, and the material is thin and rather cool.

Strolling in a yukata is fun with different tastes.


I had a walk in a yukata which made me feel more peaceful than usual. In your case, you can return the car by 20 o'clock, which gives you plenty of time. I want to wear yukata as long as possible and enjoy walking! I recommend it to those who like that.



39 -2 Bishamon-cho, Higashiyama Ward, Kyoto City
9-20 o'clock (dressing receptionist time-17 o'clock)
open day
★Time to complete: 40 minutes
★Return time: 9 to 20 o'clock (The next day's return is an additional 1,080 yen.)
★Return method: At the store

Next time, I will go to "Kawayuka" which is a summer tradition in Japanese clothes.


京In the summer of Kyoto, riverbeds in Kibune and the Kamogawa River attract adults. It would be great if you could spend a special time in a nice Japanese dress, enjoying a relaxing meal while listening to the murmuring of the river. This time, I thought that I would like to try wearing a summery kimono that is perfect for the riverbed, stretching a little more from the yukata, so I went to "Warin", which is popular among professionals of kimono.

There are elegant and grown-up kimonos.


Warin is on the third floor of the building, which is located at Matsubara-dori after going south at the intersection of Shijo-Karasuma. A wholesaler that has been in business for more than 100 years, this kimono has a high-quality, mature feel. The color and design are calm, and it matches perfectly with an adult holiday.

Careful interviews with beginners in Japanese clothing


I have almost no knowledge of Japanese clothing, so I came here with anxiety about what to wear, but it is a spacious and luxurious space, and the expert staff will listen carefully, so I can decide the best plan in a relaxed atmosphere.

Find the right plan


I would like to have a meal on the Kamogawa River's Noryo-yuka, and when I asked, the staff said, "We recommend the pure silk Komon 10,000 yen plan.". Komon has a slightly more formal image than Yukata. If you tell them where you want to go and what events you want to go, they will give you precise advice from a professional point of view, so you don't need to know anything about kimono.

Choose kimono and accessories


"That one looks cool and nice, and this one is also cute.". If you can't decide, you can try on up to two items. As it is a komon for summer, cool patterns with vertical lines and light colors are available. After choosing Kimono, let's choose small items such as Obi, Obijime and Obiage. The way you wear accessories changes your impression. When you are in trouble, the staff will select the one that matches Kimono.

Dressing and Hair Sets


Dressing takes a little longer than Yukata because you wear underwear and juban, but it is finished with a vivid hand while you have fun talking. I had an image that Kimono would be hotter than Yukata, but it is light and cool with smooth and light material. The hair set is optional and you need to make a reservation in advance, but since it's a good opportunity, I'll ask you to arrange it neatly to match with an adult summer outfit.

Move small and beautifully


After dressing and setting your hair, choose a bag. When you wear a beautiful kimono, your back straightens. "When you are wearing a kimono, it might be good to be a little spoiled around you." said the staff. You don't want to force yourself to remove something far away, run, or behave roughly enough to cause your clothes to fall off. When you walk, it looks beautiful if you make the step length smaller.



444 Shunzei-cho, Karasuma Higashi-iru, Matsubaradori, Shimogyo Ward, Kyoto City
9 - 18 o'clock
Closed day:Monday, Thursday
A short walk from the city bus stop Karasuma Matsubara.
★Time to complete: 90 to 60 minutes
★Return time: 9 to 18 o'clock (Next Day Return Free)
★Return method: over-the-counter return or hotel return only within Kyoto City (2000 yen extra)

Let's go to the Kawayuka.


After learning beautiful movements, he immediately left for Kawadoko. I will head to Pontocho where there are traditional Japanese restaurants and fancy bars. We walked along a tasteful street and visited the "Pontocho Hyakuren" in the building. It's a popular restaurant where you can casually enjoy the riverbed, and you can enjoy dishes and alcohol at a reasonable price.

Enjoy your meal while looking at the Kamogawa River.


The fact that the seats are tables and chairs is a good point for Kimono. While you can hear the sound of the river, the food and drinks you eat are exceptionally delicious! Kawayuka lunch in Kamogawa is only open in May and September, and it is only open at night in hot summer, so you need to be careful.


■Pontocho Hyakuren

133 -1 below Hashishita-cho, Pontocho-dori Sanjo-sagaru, Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto City, at the back of the 1st floor of Emerald Hall
京5 minutes walk from Keihan Sanjo Station
17 - 23 o'clock (12 to 15 o'clock and 17 to 23 o'clock for May and September only)
open day

Take a walk through the alley


After having a meal, take a walk around Pontocho. Walking along the retro and deep street with lanterns down in kimono makes me feel like a gorgeous Kyoto woman. Ponto-cho is one of the famous hanamachi along with Gion. You walk dignified along the narrow historic street.

I'm going to be crazy about Japanese clothing


The summer in Kyoto which you can enjoy wearing Japanese clothes is special! I felt like I was able to transform into a dignified adult who is a little different from me. Moreover, it is cooler and more comfortable than I thought, and the image of "It looks so painful and hot..." has completely disappeared. This is perfect for the hot season! Why don't you wear Japanese clothes on your next holiday?