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You will be fully healed by the nature of Keihoku and refresh your body and mind! -Day2-

ByAika Nishigaki

I came here because of a conversation at work, and it was Satoyama in the northwestern part of Kyoto City, Keihoku. You can make traditional food or be impressed by the magnificent scenery created by nature. It starts on the second day of the trip to the countryside where you can directly feel the warmth of people and nature after the first day of the trip which was very fulfilling.

Have breakfast


On the morning of the second day, I slept on a soft futon and woke up comfortably. The kitchen had already begun to prepare breakfast. Miso soup with lots of vegetables, grilled salmon and carrot salad... That freshly laid egg I bought at the vending machine yesterday! In addition to hololon homemade rice, if you put it on top of freshly cooked rice and eat it, it is surprisingly light and not addictive, and it is delicious that you can eat as many cups as you like. They said that the rich blessings of Keihoku and the hearty breakfast were warm and gentle... luxury must be like this, and they were deeply impressed from the morning.

Walk around the guest house.


I decided to take a walk around the hotel until check out. The green of mountains is dazzling in the morning light, and the rice fields filled with water sparkle. Negative ion? Good or bad. It takes about 10 minutes on foot to Joshoko-ji Temple, which is a good walking course with fresh sunlight leaking from trees.

And when we break up ...


When I came back from the walk, I finally had to say good-bye. I stayed only one night, but I wonder why I felt so lonely. When I took a commemorative photo that I was sure to take at the end when a guest came, I felt even more depressed. I left the inn (Is the house of your relative in the countryside already in your brain?) with a smile on my face from the parents of Mr. and Mrs. Kawabayashi who sent me off with a smile asking me to come again. You can come back again.


■ Farm guest house Hololon

45 Hirohata, Keihoku-Ono-cho, Ukyo Ward, Kyoto City
Guest rooms: 1 group per day limited to 2 ~ 5 people, 2 rooms (6 tatami mats and 8 tatami mats)
Accommodation fee: 1 person (Dinner and breakfast included.) 10,200 yen (Tax included)
Seasonal experience: Dress a chicken, Irori fireplace BBQ, rice planting & lunch, wild vegetable picking & tempura, natto rice cake making, shimenawa making etc. + 2,000 yen for 1 person (There is only one type of experience per night, and you cannot experience only.) 

Make a chair with "Aoi Kougei". 



Now, I moved around the garden by car for about 15 minutes and came to Aoi Kogei, a workshop that makes custom-made Kitayama cedar furniture and woodwork. Our challenge this time is to create a folk craft chair made by knitting straw ropes. On the base made of Kitayama cedar, rope is wound round and round with a regular knitting method. It's hard to get the hang of it at first, but it's easy as you repeat the same action. Finally, I had it marked, and it was completed in about 1 hour and 30 minutes. It was better than I expected and I am very satisfied. The finished product will be sent to your home (Shipping), so please don't worry if you have a lot of stuff. 


■ Aoi Kougei 

6 -10 Keihoku-shimokumada-cho, Ukyo Ward, Kyoto City 
Take the Keihoku Furusato Bus "Kumadaguchi" and walk for 3 minutes.
Experience Name: Chair Making Experience
Number of people: 2 or more
Price: 4,000 yen
*Reservations can be made by phone at least 10 days in advance.

A short break at a nearby gallery


We took a break at "Culture Cafe Gallery YU" which is a 5 minute drive from Aoi Kogei. This shop space, run by a couple of stained glass artists, is also established. In the gallery with a veranda, works of local artists are mainly exhibited and can be purchased. The glass products in the shop space are also exciting. You can have a workshop if you want.


■ Culture Cafe Gallery YU

1 -1 Myoken-dani, Shimokumada-cho, Keihoku, Ukyo Ward, Kyoto City
5 minutes walk from "Kumadaguchi" on the Keihoku Furusato Bus.
11 - 17 o'clock

Enjoy the voluminous authentic soba lunch.


I noticed it was already lunchtime... I'm getting hungry. If you can have a lunch made with carefully selected ingredients, you will be welcomed to "Soba Bian Monomi Yuzan". I had a set A of 3 appetizers, salad, main dish of my choice and soba (Tax included) for 1,500 yen. They serve slowly, so you can enjoy each dish. Not to mention the delicious taste, I was surprised at the volume. The soba water will warm you up in the end. It was a fulfilling lunch time. I want to come again!


■Soba Bian Monomi Yuzan

13 -3 Higashi Choda, Keihoku-Shuzan-cho, Ukyo Ward, Kyoto City
J3 minutes walk from JR Bus Shuzan Bus Terminalbr />075-852-1680
11 to 15 o'clock, 17:30 to 20:30 (It will be finished when the ingredients run out.)

Relax in a stylish and unique cafe


I wanted to drink a little delicious coffee after a very satisfying lunch... so I visited the stylish and unique cafe called "Matsuhashi Zakka" which is said to have been renovated from an old house by the owner himself, which is a little rumored now in Keihoku. The pizza baked in a stone oven and the Fairtrade organic coffee are the pride of this place, which has a retro and peculiar interior like a movie set. I'm surprised that many of them are handmade by your husband. Anyway, it is full of sundries (Inventions?) that you will be interested in wherever you look. Loosely wonderful music is played and not only customers but also swallows come into the store where the wind is fresh. As you enjoy the fragrant coffee brewed by your husband, you will almost forget the reality for a second in this space which is a little unworldly like the world of picture books.


■ Matsuhashi Zakkaten

23 -1 Miyanoue, Keihoku To-cho, Ukyo Ward, Kyoto City
2 minutes walk from "In front of the second elementary school" on the Keihoku Furusato Bus.
Fri/Sat 10 ~ 15 o'clock

Souvenir time at Woody Keihoku


The Keihoku trip is finally in the final stage. Woody, it's time to go back to Keihoku and take a souvenir. I really like natto mochi, so I bought natto mochi flavored arare. Now I can remember the Keihoku trip when I go home...! Do I already miss Keihoku?


■ Roadside Station Woody Keihoku

Kamiterada, Keihoku-Shuzan-cho, Ukyo Ward, Kyoto City
2 minutes walk from JR bus stop, Keihoku Godo-chosha-mae
9 - 18 o'clock

The town of Keihoku was more than I expected. I'll be sure to come back.


I had a trip to the countryside of Keihoku unexpectedly. I have been waiting for the bus bound for Kyoto station for a while, being stunned by the rich and satisfying experience than I expected. I can feel the overwhelming nature that makes my whole body full, and the smile of the warm people I met in Keihoku. For the past two days, I might have forgotten about the company and my job, so I went on a trip completely. I can't believe there is such a place near here.

For those who want to experience countryside life, want to know Kyoto which is different from usual, or want detox time! Please visit Keihoku once. There is a polite way of living that used to be a daily life for the Japanese, living with extraordinary... nature, enjoying nature, and appreciating nature. And above all, I felt that I could get back a little of my five senses tired of the city. We were completely refreshed and left Keihoku cheerfully.

*Plsease note that the prices listed in this article were when we made the interview. (They might be subject to change. )

■You will be fully healed by the nature of Keihoku and refresh your body and mind! -day1-

Aika Nishigaki

A writer currently residing in Kyoto. I'm always looking forward to my weekend walks on the pursuit for something delicious. Recently I've really gotten into collecting seal stamps from shrines and temples. A recent favorite is the one I got from Nashinoki Shrine.

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