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Only for summer, only for adults. Go to the beer garden with geiko and maiko!

ByAika Nishigaki

A surprisingly hot summer in Kyoto. Since the area is surrounded by mountains and the heat accumulates easily in the basin, it is hard to stop sweating. In such summer in Kyoto, there are seasonal attractions for adults. That is the beer garden with geiko and maiko in kagai, Kamishichiken and Miyagawa-cho! With the help of geiko and maiko, you can enjoy a conversation while enjoying a cold drink and delicious food. A treat for myself working hard in hot weather every day! It is the departure for the night summer trip to experience the traditional culture.



Geiko and maiko perform their performances and enjoy talking with customers "Ochaya". The area where such teahouses are located is called "kagai". In Kyoto, there are 5 areas, Kamishichiken, Miyagawa-cho, Gion Kobu, Gion Higashi, and Pontocho, and they are called Gokamachi.

The garden and the building are very elegant "Kamishichiken Beer Garden".


Kamishichiken is a kagai near Kitano Tenmangu Shrine that enshrines the god of learning. It began in the first year of the Bunan era (1444) and is said to be the oldest kagai in Kyoto. Kamishichiken Kaburenjo is located in such a kagai, and a beer garden opens in the garden and a part of the building.

Kamishichiken Kaburenjo Theater



When you step into the Kaburenjo from the front, you will be greeted by a garden with a taste of carp swimming. This building was built in the middle of the Meiji era, and it has been repeatedly expanded and renovated along with the times. There is no special decoration, but it is gorgeous and classical. It is a wonderful space separated from your daily life.

A toast with cold beer.

9.jpg 10.jpg


When you sit down, you will see a draft beer with 2 main dishes "First Set.". After that, you order more than 20 kinds of drinks and more than 15 kinds of dishes from the menu. The menu that is perfect as a snack such as fried chicken, Japanese rolled omelette and wheat gluten dengaku was arranged on the table. It hurts my body after work.

Talk with geiko and maiko makes you excited!


Geiko and maiko don't pour drinks for them. Instead, they go around each seat with their business card "Senjafuda (flower card)." and greet each other. At Kamishichiken Kaburenjo, six geisha and apprentice geisha go to each seat every day. You don't have to worry because they talk to you cheerfully. When I was looking at Geiko and Maiko, Maika came to greet me.

Cool Yukata is also nice.


Geiko and maiko entertain us in matching yukata. The wisteria flower arabesque pattern for geisha and the pink flower arabesque pattern for maiko are cute! Kanzashi is said to be used in season. After Umeka, I was able to receive the senjafuda of Geigi and Umeha, Geigi and Shizu, and Maiko and Shomai. As expected of a professional of hospitality, I was fascinated by the beauty of not only the appearance but also the gesture and the way of speaking.

My heart and stomach were filled.


Beer and food served while talking with geiko and maiko. Great night. There is no time limit for seating at Kamishichiken Beer Garden, but when it's crowded, we can make concessions and enjoy together. In autumn, there is also a "Jukai (Kotobuki Kai)." where geisha and maiko can enjoy dancing. Please visit this opportunity to experience the culture of kagai.


■ Kamishichiken Kaburenjo

742 Mamori-cho, 7 Hon-matsu Nishi-iru, Imadegawa-dori, Kamigyo Ward, Kyoto City
It is a 3 minute walk from the city bus stop "Kamishichiken" "In front of Kitano Tenman-gu Shrine".
075-461-0148 (Kamishichiken Kabu-kai)
★Beer Garden
Period: July 1 to September 5 (Closed from August 14 to 16)
*You can also make a reservation at
(Children under 18 years old are not allowed to enter, including those accompanied by children.)
*You can enter the store at 20 o'clock, 18 o'clock, 18:30, 17:30, or 20:30(LO 21:30), Reservation First

Walk on Miyagawa-cho Street at night to "Miyagawa-cho Beer Garden".


Miyagawa-cho Kaburenjo Theater is located on Miyagawa-cho Street. "Miyagawa-cho Beer Garden" will be held at this special site. Miyagawa-cho is designated as a landscape preservation district, and the atmosphere of the traditional kagai remains with the rows of Kyomachiya.

After the reception, go to the venue.




Miyagawa-cho Beer Garden is a long table with shared seats. When we are seated, we order drinks first. There are 2 sections at 18 o'clock and 20 o'clock, and the dishes are different. I joined the club from 20 o'clock. It comes with hors d'oeuvres, so people who think "I want to drink a lot!" can feel at ease. In the section starting at 18 o'clock, a free drink and a lunch box are also included. The hors d'oeuvre and bento are served daily in 11 restaurants such as Kyoto cuisine and French cuisine, so the taste is also highly recommended.

I received a senjafuda.


In Miyagawa-cho, four geisha and apprentice geisha in matching yukata visit each table and greet each other. I received the Senjafuda of Geigi/1000 Kano Sanjusasa, Geigi/Kikutsuru, and Maiko/Koen-san! Geiko and maiko (apprentice geisha) in light makeup on the cool yukata. I am also fascinated by the light talk.

You can also enjoy dancing with Maiko and Geigi.



Dances by Geiko and Maiko are also a must-see. Unlike a smiling face when you are enjoying conversation, you have a soft and beautiful face and posture. You can see that the audience is drawn into the dance even in the hall where it was lively until a while ago. The dances of geisha and apprentice geisha that I saw for the first time were impressive. You can only enjoy dancing in the beer garden in Miyagawa-cho.

In the end, there was a lottery to win a fan.


At the end of the lottery, fans bearing the names of geisha and maiko are drawn. Unfortunately, I didn't win, but it's nice to have such fun at the end. In autumn, there is also a "Mizue kai (Mizue)" where you can see classical dances and songs. It is held only for 4 days in October, so if you are interested, please make a reservation early.


■ Miyagawa-cho Kaburenjo

4 Chome 306 Miyagawasuji, Higashiyama Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture
7 minutes walk from Kawaramachi Matsubara bus stop and 7 minutes walk from the Keihan Electric Railway "Gion-Shijo Station".
075-561-1151 (Miyagawa-cho Ochaya Association)
★Beer Garden
Period: July 15 to August 31 (Closed on July 28 and August 15 and 16)
*For reservations and inquiries, please contact Miyagawa-cho Ochaya Association (075-561-1151 weekdays 10 to 16 o'clock).(Minors under the age of 18 are not allowed to enter, including those accompanying children.)
*18 o'clock ~ 20 o'clock 2-part system (The fee varies from department to department.)

I enjoyed it very much on a summer night.


This time, I went to the beer gardens held in Kamishichiken and Miyagawa-cho and two kagai. You can talk to geiko and maiko, who you don't usually have a chance to meet, sneak into the Kaburenjo theater and watch the dance. Only for summer and only for adults. For those who want to experience the culture of kagai, or those who want to cool down with a cold drink on a hot summer night! Please go there.

Aika Nishigaki

She was a writer belonging to Kyoto editorial production "edit plus". I look forward to taking a walk looking for something delicious on weekends. Recently, I am addicted to collecting goshuin, and I like the goshuin I received at Nashinoki-jinja Shrine.

Naoki Matsuda

A photographer with a history of 8 years in Kyoto who has been attracted and moved to a city in Kyoto. Photographs regardless of genre, such as cooking, people, and architecture. I like coffee and go to cafes often.