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Is it true that Kurumazaki Shrine is crawling with celebrities?



■ Tsubuno

Tsubuno, a Kyoto's female character who calls herself a lifetime resident of a geisha district, will tweet local news, which might be only known to local people, from a different point of view.

One month has passed since I appeared on my first column. Do you remember me? I'm Tsubuno. Wow! The Imperial era name has changed when I noticed. In this feature, my first column in the Reiwa era, let me introduce Kurumazaki Shrine in Sagano, Kyoto.
Although the shrine is a famous spiritual spot, I heard that Geinoh Shrine located in the premises is full of celebrities. So, I went there.

One of the most famous spiritual spots in Kyoto that brings you a wide range of good fortune

Kiyohara no Yorinari, who was the most dedicated Confucian scholar in the Heian era and a descendant of Emperor Temmu, is enshrined at Kurumazaki Shrine. The shrine is famous for the deity of scholarship due to his diligence across Japan and people visit here to pray for academic achievement or for passing their entrance exams.
Besides that, you can get an amulet for keeping promises that you have made with someone. Don't you think that this is an unusual amulet? For example, with this amulet, merchants can completely collect bills and thrive their businesses. Or if you are carelessly engaged to a cheater, this amulet might protect you from being cheated by him. Anyway, you shouldn't start dating such a guy in the first place.
As I said, the shrine gives many kinds of blessings to us and it is one of famous spiritual spots in Kyoto. However, Geinoh Shrine found in the premises is the most famous in Kurumazaki Shrine.


This Geinoh Shrine enshrines Ame-no-Uzume-no-Mikoto (the goodness of dawn and mirth). She energetically danced to make Amaterasu Omikami (the sun deity) come out of Ame-no-Iwato, the cave where Amaterasu were hiding. Don't you think that she is very cool?

Vermillion Tamagaki placed around the shrine are full of celebrities' names!

The fence surrounded by the shrine were crowed with vermillion posts called Shu no Tamagaki. The names of people who wish to receive the shrine's blessings and pray for their success were written on these red posts. As the shrine is said to bring performers and artists success, these names are full of famous celebrities including Japanese traditional arts performers in prestige families such as Noh and Buyo, actors, actresses, singers, comedians, and even main characters of comic books. How spectacular they look! As I am an unknown local character, I felt "They are already all very famous!". They visit the shrine when they act in a new film or before their new performances are shown in public, etc. They have posted the photos of their Tamagaki at the shrine through the SNS. It will be fun to check their posts too.
Unfortunately, the shrine was not crowded with celebrities when I visited there. However, Tamagaki at the shrine were full of celebrities' names. As the shrine received such many Tamagaki offerings from celebrities, if you are lucky, you may encounter some of them.


Oh, the Sandaime J Soul Brothers have been here before! I want to see them one day.


Oh, I found a line of the characters' names of One Piece (Japanese comic series)! I wonder how they could pray at the shrine.


I saw a countless number of celebrities' Tamagaki. It that sense, the shrine is crawling with celebrities. Even though you cannot encounter them, it will be fun to search Tamagaki of the celebrities whom you have known.

Anyone who has a wish related to arts or entertainment can offer a Tamagaki.

Although you might lose your nerve when seeing full of famous celebrities' names on Tamagaki, anyone who works in the entertainment or art field including artists can offer a Tamagaki. Please visit the shrine office, fill out an Tamagaki offering application form, and give it to the shrine staff together with an offering fee of 13,000 yen. Your Tamagaki will be displayed for two years after you made an offering. It will take about two months for your Tamagaki to be placed on the same line of those of many celebrities since the staff who are responsible for writing names on Tamagaki are very busy now. I'm looking forwards to seeing my Tamagaki.
By the way, I want to tell you an important thing now.Kurumazaki Shrine and Geinoh Shrine are different. Since you are here at Geinoh Shrine, you must visit the main hall of Kurumazaki Shrine too. If you don't, that is like entering your friend's house without saying hello to the parents. The parents will surely say to your friend, "Don't play with such a rude friend!" Since the deity at the shrine is very generous, the deity won't usually get mad at you for such a thing. However, please mind your etiquette and don't forget to visit the main hall.


Higashiyama, a shrine staff member, taught me etiquette when visiting the shrine and how to make a Tamagaki offering. She was so beautiful that I thought she was a celebrity too.


Just between us, I made an Tamagaki offering too. Please look for Tsubuno when you visiting there too.

Another must-see spot: Kinen Shinseki (power stone amulet)

Since Kurumazaki Shrine is strongly associated with faith towards stones, you should get a power stone amulet named Kinen Shinsek when you visit here. The priest prayed for warding off evil spirits to this stone. So, the stone has power to fulfill your wish. Although you can get this stone amulet at the shrine office, there are many steps to follow when you visiting the shrine. You can find a written sign for these steps at the shrine. So, please read it through before praying. You can also check more details about these steps on the shrine's website.


Since you pray to make your wish come true at the shrine, please follow these steps properly.


I was astonished by seeing so many stones that the prayers have returned to the shrine after their wishes came true!

Things that only Kyoto people know No.2

You need to follow the proper steps when visiting a shrine. Do not skip each step. First, please put your hands together in front of the main hall.


■Kurumazaki Shrine

23 Saga Asahi-cho, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto
Visiting hours: 9:00〜17:00
Closed days: open all year round
Admission fee: free of charge
Tamagaki offering at Geinoh Shrine / 13,000 yen (Tamagaki will be displayed for 2 years after you made an offering)
Kinen Shinseki: 700 yen for a portable amulet and 500 yen for a household amulet
Access: A short work from Kurumazaki Shrine Station on the Keifuku Arashiyama Main Line. A short work from Kurumazaki Shrine Stop by a city bus & Kyoto bus.


Tsubuno, a Kyoto’s female character who calls herself a lifetime resident of a geisha district, will tweet local news, which might be only known to local people, from a different point of view.