Buddha statue sculptor・"Tomita kougei" #5 15 May.2016

The gallery and workshop of Buddha statue sculptor Mutsumi Tomita is located in Gojo, Kyoto. He is the third son of Tomita Kougei where Buddhist alters and alter fittings have been made since his grandfather started it. He created Ingen Zenji Kishizou (a statue of Ingen Zenji riding on a lion) at Obaku-san Manpuku-ji Temple and Hibo Jizo Bosatsu (a guardian deity of children) at Zuigan-ji Temple in Matsushima. He is also an expert to make memorial tablets.

Mr. Tomita's new attempt is to make silver accessories optimizing his engraving skills. These accessory's designs are inspired by Buddhist art, ritual implements, and sermons. As people recently have fewer opportunities to experience Buddhism, Mr. Tomita is hoping to make an opportunity for people to become familiar with Buddhism by wearing his accessories in their everyday lives as a fashion.


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