Kyo-jibari lantern craftsman・Kojima brothers #15 24 Jul.2016

Two brothers, Syun and Ryo Kojima, operate Kojima Shoten, a workshop specialized in Kyoto-style lanterns with a history since Kansei era (around the year 1800). Their lanterns are made by using the traditional technique of lantern making called Jibari-shiki that is unique to Kyoto. This manufacturing technique consists of creating a lantern frame by bending bamboo strips into individual rings, binding them together with twines, and then applying washi paper with glue over this flame. Although these lanterns look more beautiful and are tougher than standard lanterns, which use a long bamboo strip to make a spiral shaped frame, making jibari-shiki lanterns requires a lot of time and work. Therefore, the number of artisans who use this technique is decreasing nowadays.

The brothers strive to make modern lanterns which can be used for interiors of guesthouses built in renovated traditional townhouses, as well as traditional ones used for Gion Festival.

The program features Kojima brother's work to hand down the sceneries with these tough and durable Jibari-shiki lanterns in the future.


Artisan work experience plan featured in this program
You can have an on-site experience of the artisan’s work.

Making original mini lanterns

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