Kyo Zogan Craftsmen・Ryuji Nakajima #29 13 Nov.2016

Kyo Zogan is a traditional Kyoto-style crafts made by using inlay technique called Zogan. The technique involves engraving numerous intersecting fine lines into an iron base surface and beating gold or silver designs onto it. There are three most famous Zogan techniques in Japan including Higo, Kaga, and Kyo Zogan. Ryuji Nakajima is the third generation of a family who has been making Kyo Zogan in Arashiyama, Kyoto.

His technique was handed down from his grandfather and most of his work involves extremely intricate processes up to 0.1 millimeter. He disseminates Zogan to abroad and the young generation through creating not only traditional elaborate crafts, such as combs, Kanzashi (hair ornaments), Obidome (kimono sash clips), and incense burners, but also items made by using a combination of Zogan and his special Sukashi (fretwork) techniques.


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