Mizuhiki artist・Eriko Morita #47 26 Mar.2017

Mizuhiki is black and white or red and white decorative cords used for tying gift wrapping paper. They are often used in celebrations or condolences. Its old history can be traced back to the Asuka era (550-710 A.D.). When the envoy sent to Sui, China including Ono no Imoko returned to Japan, the envoy from the Sui brought gifts tied with red and white twines. Cording gifts decoratively became an etiquette of the aristocracies and a part of Japanese culture. This was the origin of Mizuhiki tradition in Japan.

Eriko Morita is one of Mizuhiki artists. She started her career based in Nishijin district, Kyoto in 2007.

Nowadays, she disseminates Mizuhiki's attraction through her classes, and participating in events and special exhibitions.

Her creation inspires by a great variety of objects such as animals and good luck charms as well as traditional ones. She said, "Mizuhiki is often used for gifts at very formal events such as engagement. I want people to be familiar with Mizuhiki and enjoy it more by deeply understanding its roles and meanings". She added, "Anything is possible regarding Mizuhiki".

This program features Mizuhiki's attraction that surprisingly nobody knows together with Ms. Morita's talk.


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Mizuhiki-zaiku's flower card

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