Kyoto oharibako・Hidemasa Kitai #48 02 Apr.2017

Hidemasa Kitai is the owner of Kyoto Oribako workshop. He makes Kanzashi (hair ornaments) by using Tsumami Zaiku technique. This technique involves pinching and folding many pieces of small, square clothes to make a figure.

Tsumami Zaiku technique started when the harem of Edo Castle made ornaments for hair or boxes by pinching patches in the Edo era. By using the technique, all petals were made with only patches. With Mr. Kitai's skills, two-dimensional patches will turn into a three-dimensional flower like breathing life into them.

An idea of enhancing women's beauty and enriching their lives through his Tsumami Kanzashi is always in his mind. he makes hair ornaments gorgeously decorated with small flowers for ceremonies for children aged 3,5 and 7 years-old or coming-age ceremonies, and those decorated with good luck charms such as a combination of pine, bamboo, and plum, or a crane for wedding or special celebrations. He is an artisan who cherishes traditional culture in the perception of women's beauty.
He strives to make modern hair ornaments that match dresses and western hair styles such as those with a large lily and a magnificent rose other than traditional ones.

In addition, he proactively collaborates with international artists for combining Kyoto-style traditional crafts with designs from different cultures, such as a graphic designer in Bangkok, Thailand. His motivation for creating something new never backs down.

He continuously makes beautiful flowers bloom in towns of Kyoto elaborately one by one.


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Tsumamizaiku [Pinching-craft] flower box making

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