Fragrance producer・Yohei Yamada #50 23 Apr.2017

Yamada-matsu Koboku shop is a long-established incense shop starting in the Kansei era (around the year 1800). The shop has been supporting aromas of Kyoto for a long time. This program features Incense producer Yamada Yohei who said "It is important to identify good aromatic trees to produce nice aromas."

Incenses were originally used for offerings at shrines and temples. In the Heian period (794 and 1185), they were regarded as something noble and aristocrats enjoyed creating their own incenses and competed against their aromas. Mr. Yamada's mission is to widely introduce these aromas in modern ways.

Since a variety of aromas were recently imported from abroad, Japanese traditional aromas became unpopular. He said, "I want people to enjoy these aromas in depth as we live in such an era."

He produced electronic incense burners and incenses at high-end accommodations. He opened a salon where people can experience incenses' aromas in 2017. He keeps on trying new ideas to promote traditional aromas.

The program also feathers Mr. Yamada's passion and new approaches for handing down traditional aromas.


Artisan work experience plan featured in this program
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Scented sachet crafting experience, delivered by our craftsmen.

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