Tegaki (hand-painted) Yuzen・Masashige Uenaka #89 04 Feb.2018

Yuzen is a dyeing technique to apply elegant, painterly designs to kimono cloths. Kyo-Yuzen (Kyoto-style Yuzen) is also called Hon-Yuzen (authentic Yuzen) The distinctive feature of its beauty is to use various colors and intricate designs.

Masashige Uenaka is a traditional Kyo-Yuzen artisan of kimono and obi (sashes). He also works as a Kyo-Yuzen designer and draws his designs by hand. It was his stoles that made him become famous as a Kyo-Yuzen designer. His ideas were highly evaluated including creating modern-style designs based on classic ones by using Kyo-Yuzen techniques and using two clothes with a different level of transparency to create a three-dimensional figure. His new attempt is to use leather instead of clothes. This program shows videos of processes of Kyo-Yuzen creation and Mr. Uenaka's work as a designer.


Artisan work experience plan featured in this program
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Tegaki (hand-painted) Yuzen Experience

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