Kyo-Yuzen "Kameda-tomisen factory"Noriaki Kameda #109 08 Jul.2018

Kimono Forest is brilliant cylinder-shaped pillars in Randen Arashiyama Station. This is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Kyoto. These pillars are covered by fabric dyed using Kyo-Yuzen. Noriaki Kameda, the fourth generation of Kameda-tomisen factory, was in charge of dying the fabric. This Kyoto-Yuzen factory was launched a new brand named Pagong to sell Aloha shirts dyed using Kyo-Yuzen. It was Aloha shirts that helped the factory to recover from the risk of bankruptcy.

This program features the production processes of Aloha shirts that use Kyo-Yuzen techniques that are handed down over generations and Mr. Kameda's new attempts.


Artisan work experience plan featured in this program
You can have an on-site experience of the artisan’s work.

Tote bag dyeing

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