"Koshunkama"・Shinichi Takashima #111 22 Jul.2018

The program features Shinichi Takashima, the third generation of Koshunkama workshop, where he produces Cochin ware, a type of Chinese pottery.

His grandfather started the workshop and he made traditional Kyo ware, pottery painted indigo pattern on a white background, at that time. It was his father Akio, the second generation of the workshop, that started making Cochin ware.

Mr. Takashima's motto is "Creations must be changed based on the creator."

He believes Kiyomizu ware, a type of Kyo ware, is something to display self-expression, which means to express your originality to your work. Create something new rather than just inheriting them. That is why we can create a variety of ware with different styles depending on the kiln.

Mr. Takashima strives to make different ware by using a new technique while pursuing his originality.


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