Hanayui-shi (a Flower-Artist) ・Takaya #114 12 Aug.2018

There has been a custom for people to decorate their hair in Japan since ancient times. They used natural flowers and plants for their hair decorations until hair crafts were made. TAKAYA started his career based in Kyoto as a Hanayui-shi (a floral head dresser) in 2004, not as a floral designer and a hair stylist.

He makes creative headdresses using flowers. He spontaneously creates floral hair accessories based on the inspiration he got at that day without drawing his images and elaborating his ideas in advance.

He worked as a floral head dresser at fashion shows including Yumi Katsura. He has been creating floral hair accessories for men other than for women.

TAKAYA is an artist connecting people to flowers. He broadens his potential by enhancing his sense of beauty and creation diversity every year.


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